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Specialist paediatric physiotherapy LED parent education & child development programmes FROM THE COMFORT OF Your HOME.

Tiny Moves (0-7 months) online booking is now open for February to March classes.

Maestro Moves (7 months to first steps) online booking is now open for February to March classes.  

Toddler moves (for infants who are walking up to two years of age) online booking is now open for March workshop.


Move Kids Physio Programmes/Workshops can be reimbursed by health insurance - if you need any more information please get in touch by email at


* Gift vouchers now also available 

Each Move Kids Physio online group session reviews infant development and provides personalised parent coaching with regard to positioning play and development activities within the infant's home environment and tailored to baby's unique physical needs. The classes will include opportunities for practice of different positions, play and movement activities customised for each baby's stage of development. Babies and both parents are welcome to attend. If your baby has complex medical and/or physical needs, please get in touch with me in the first instance prior to booking to discuss the best course of action and the suitability of these programmes for your family.


Group sessions are small to facilitate parent and baby learning, practice of positions and activities, one to one interaction with and guidance from an expert paediatric physiotherapist. The programmes are rooted in science, paediatric physiotherapy and parenthood experience. The programmes aim to maximise the baby's motor and total development potential. The programmes also provide parents access to expert paediatric physiotherapy opinion on the motor development of their babies.

There are two separate infant movement programmes - Tiny Moves for infants aged 0 - 7 months and Maestro Moves for infants 7 months to first steps. Each programme includes six group sessions of approximately 60 minutes duration which are run once weekly over six weeks.

New feature in 2022 - now offering complementary one to one video consultations to assess baby's motor skills and establish goals with parents for Tiny Moves and Maestro Moves ProgrammesThis personalised approach will aim to maximise your unique baby's motor skills development!

An online workshop for parents of toddlers (from first steps to 2 years old) will run in March 2022 subject to demand. Click on the button (Toddler Moves) below to find out more.


Children's Physiotherapy costs are usually covered by private health insurance providers - please note that coverage may vary depending on your plan and your insurance company, therefore, please check your provider and policy to see how much they will reimburse prior to beginning this physiotherapy programme.