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Information regarding Classes

  • Online booking for Maestro Moves (start date May 25th ) is now open. Spaces are limited to 6 infants and their parents. Please click the book now button to find out more about these programmes.

  • Each class in the courses will focus on a different topic relevant to infant development and how best to maximize it according to the developmental stage of your child, best available evidence and paediatric physiotherapy experience. 

  • Throughout each course, each parent and infant is checked in with every week to monitor motor development. This can be done very effectively over video.

  • There will be guidance on how to check for infant developmental progress so you will learn where your baby is at developmentally. 

  • If baby sleeps, feeds, needs nappy change - that is to be expected so do not worry, this is mainly a parent education programme and the bonus of group sessions is that you can observe what other babies are also doing if your baby is not in the mood! 

  • For the classes, it is best to choose a bright room with good wifi and to use a laptop if you have one. Otherwise, a smart phone would suffice. Position the device you are using in front of a window and with you and baby facing the screen of the device. Try to get a full view of baby within the screen if possible. 

  • Check your sound and webcam work also prior to the class starting. 

  • Prior to the first class, it is best to check in 15 mins prior to the class starting in case of any potential technical issues.

  • If you have any questions in advance of the class or technical issues - please let me know by email -

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