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Paediatric Physiotherapy Follow up

Follow up

If your child needs and receives a physiotherapy home programme it is best practice to follow up with a review appointment to check progress. Follow up sessions can be agreed and scheduled at the initial consultation. Follow up appointments can take place in clinic or via remote video consultation depending on client preference. 

Regular physiotherapy (ie ronce weekly or once fortnightly therapy sessions): £50 per session

  • 45 minutes duration

  • Includes play based, hands on (as tolerated) therapy sessions and parent education in handling and home programme

  • Includes review and updating of home programme

Physiotherapy re-assessment/review (ie once every month or every few months): £70 per re-assessment/review 

  • 45 mins duration

  • Includes repeat observational and physical assessments of motor skills, neurological/brain/vestibular, musculoskeletal development, balance, strength and parent and child education in the home programme and self management

  • Includes an updated written visual (picture based) or video based home programme - based on parent preference


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