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Book a session

Visit the contact page, email or call +447485101665 to book a session or enquire about consultations and treatments.

Initial assessment

Your first session will be an initial consultation, consisting of a full assessment and therapy plan.

This is necessary in order to gain a good understanding of your child and give advice on future therapy.


Depending on the outcome from the initial assessment, your child may require ongoing physiotherapy sessions. The amount and frequency of sessions can vary depending on your child’s condition. I will discuss the therapy plan with you and together we will establish a plan that works for your child and your family. Once a therapy plan has been started it is good practice to review this regularly.


The duration of therapy will vary depending on age, condition and your availability. Initial assessments can last up to 60 minutes long. Follow up therapy and review sessions will vary from 30 to 60 minutes long.


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