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Move Kids Physio

Specialist Children's Physiotherapy Clinic in Northern Ireland with Deirdre O' Donoghue - Specialist Paediatric Physiotherapist

Welcome to Move Kids Physio

Hi there, my name is Deirdre O' Donoghue. I am a children's or paediatric physiotherapist with 18 years clinical and research experience working and specialising in Paediatrics, an MSc in Physiotherapy (Paediatrics), qualification in Vestibular Rehabilitation and mother of 4 children. My passion is Child Development and Child Health. The goal of my clinic services is to provide a dedicated, high quality, evidence based and highly specialised children's physiotherapy service, to educate and empower parents about their child's development with accurate, up to date and useful information and ultimately to maximise child developmental and health outcomes.

Baby with Toys

Online Education/Classes

Paediatric physiotherapist led parent education & baby development classes based on specialist paediatric physiotherapy knowledge and the best available evidence accessible from anywhere and from the comfort of home.

Clinic Services

I offer clinic based children's physiotherapy services from my clinic in Cookstown in Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland. I see children of the age range 0 to 16 years of age. Most common childhood conditions that I assess and treat/manage include but not limited to:

- Infant developmental delay or slow to reach developmental milestones

- Vestibular disorders resulting from head tilt/torticollis, resistance to tummy time, difficulty with sitting up and slow to reach motor milestones, migraine/headaches, vertigo/dizziness, recurrent falls/balance problems, blurred vision when reading, poor posture, toe walking

- Proprioceptive conditions including hypermobility, toe walking

- Motor skills difficulties including problems with running, jumping, ball skills, low physical activity levels

- Neurodevelopmental conditions including Cerebral Palsy, ASD, DCD, Genetic disorders, Spina Bifida, Erbs Palsy

- Athletic/sports and overuse injuries

I am also an experienced Expert Witness having completed multiple expert witness physiotherapy reports for a number of solicitors in Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

What People Say


I cannot recommend Deirdre enough. Myself and my little 3 month old attended her Tiny moves classes for 0-6 months. Deirdre has so much knowledge and experience and we learned so much. I could confidently play and stimulate my baby appropriately for her age. Also, I knew how to broadly look out for signs Erin was meeting her developmental milestones. Deirdre provided us with play and schedule ideas to take away after each class that really helped. And also answered any of my queries which was so reassuring. She combined all the latest research and her own experience into a very easy to follow manner. The online platform is fantastic and we are looking forward to doing Deirdre's 6-12 month class. Thanks Deirdre 


Completed the Tiny Moves class with my little girl and found it amazing! Deirdre is extremely knowledgeable and a fantastic teacher. Easy to see she loves what she does! Gained so much information, practical tips and confidence to help maximise my daughter’s development. Can’t recommend it highly enough and am looking forward to starting Maestro Moves at 6months.


My daughter and I have participated in Deirdre's Tiny Moves and Maestro moves classes, I also took the Toddler Moves workshop. As a FTM I found the content of these classes invaluable. Everything is entirely backed up by up to date, current research and Deirdre is extremely knowledgeable and practical about how to implement this information in day to day life through play. I found it very reassuring to have a qualified professional to check in with on a weekly basis in relation to the skills associated with child development. I would have no hesitation in recommending Deirdre and her classes.

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