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Toddler Moves
Online workshop: First Steps to 2.5 years

Toddler moves (for infants who are walking up to 2.5 years of age) online booking is now open for March workshop. 

The Toddler Moves Online Workshop is for parents of infants who have started walking and aged up to two years of age. 


This is a 90 minute online workshop which focuses on parent education in walking, physical and motor skills development in toddlers. Parents are encouraged to share a short video of their toddler's walking and movement pattern via a secure online video sharing platform called we transfer.


Videos will be uploaded with parent consent to Microsoft teams platform which will be used for the online workshop where the lead paediatric physiotherapist will discuss the videos and offer expert advice to parents on their child's motor and walking development during the workshop.


There will be further parent education in typical musculoskeletal, walking, motor skills development and activities to promote same. Toddlers do not have to be present for this online workshop and both parents are welcome to attend. 

Parents will have access to handouts and other materials used in the workshop for up to 6 months after the workshop.

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